Sunday, July 6, 2008


I hate mosquitoes.

I loathe mosquitoes.

I detest mosquitoes.

If there are a million words for hating something, I invoke them all against mosquitoes.

We were just outside trying to get our lantern out front to light. We turned it off, b/c one of the mantles had a big hole in it and also I wondered if it maybe shouldn't be on all the time b/c it could be hazardous somehow, right? UGH! I wish I'd never turned the darn thing off. We know theoretically how to light it, but just can't get it lit. We can;t even tell if the gas is actually on when we turn the dial. Now I am covered in no less than one dozen mosquito bites and they itch like crazy. As I type this my feet are tingling with the urge to scratch until I scrape the skin off of my pies. Robert applied copious amounts of Caladryl to my feet, arms, and (sadly) face. I swear we were out there maybe 10 minutes. Is this a reminder to keep the Sabbath day holy (e.g. not doing household tasks)? Discuss amongst yourselves.

On another note I vowed to wow you all with my homemaking prowess by showing you what I have done with the flowers Robert brought me a few posts back. If you have ever wondered how to make those cut flowers beautify your home for a few more days, here you go! Usually mine start drooping before the blooms fall apart, so I figured I'd just cut their heads off (good for a bad day, "Take that person who wasn't nice to me for no reason!"), and not have to look at droopy stems. Oh, the cleverness of me! Seriously, I'm sure it was an inspired, but it's fun to take credit for just a minute. I put them in a pretty, huge, crystal bowl we got as a wedding gift (and rarely use, b/c it's so huge and heavy when used for anything besides salad), put some small decorative stones in it, and filled it halfway with water. I also added a dash of bleach after the first 3 days the water wanted to turn brown (not pretty). So at this point they have lasted me about 2 weeks. Not bad, eh?

All right time for another change of subject.

At dinner tonight I was reading the 2nd half of a talk by Elder Wirthlin. It's a great talk about lots of stuff, but I especially like the part where he talks about the idea that we don't have signs on our church that say "Restricted Entrance-Perfect People Only." It's easy to look at some people -usually the ones you don't know very well, right?- and think, "Man, so-and-so is perfect, she does it all, never gets mad at her kids or husband, bakes bread every week, only feeds her kids whole grains and vegetables, has never missed a Sunday at church, probably goes to the temple twice a week, etc, etc, etc." We know it's not true, but we still do it. Today I resolve to stop judging other people as perfect. It is comforting to note the fact that we are a church (a world, really) of imperfect people, but we can come together to be better. I also resolve to call the friend I rudely stood up two weeks ago b/c I was feeling crappy, and go and hang out with her and her family, b/c I know she is needing a friend, too. I'm just too reverse prideful (i.e. I think that noone can suck as much as I do) to think that someone else is lonely too. Also, for the record, I need to apologize to Angel for yelling at him a minute ago for something dumb.

Leave me a comment. Have a great week. And call me if you are lonely or think you suck somedays too. Then we can reassure each other, -b/c of course, it would be prideful to praise ourselves :) -, so you are free to praise me and I will feel free to praise you mellifluously.

I also thought you may like to know that Lightning McEliza-Jane (It's from the movie "Cars", people, keep up please) is so far past officially walking it is scary. She went from first steps to 10 steps to walking everywhere in a matter of days.

good night, john boy.


JAntezana said...

I feel your pain. I have learned to hate fire ants even more. They creep up on you so softly, you don't even know that you have several on you until one of them bites, and then they all bite at the same time. This happened to me once when I was pulling weeds out in the yard. Not only did the pussy, itchy bites burn and irritate, I had so many that it made me sick for a few days. Gardening used to be one of my favorite ways to get away from the chaos, to de-stress and rejuvenate my spirit. Not any more. Now we use the weed wacker.

Lewis Family said...

Yuck! As a follow up, we did trim one of the monster bushes out front which turned out to be multiple bushes (have to decide if we'll dig up some), and it looks much better. Now on to the back yard, which even though we spend more time there my pride makes me focus on the front!