Thursday, October 7, 2010


I bought some cool socks at the dollar store a looooong time ago when I found a tutorial on babylegs online and some friends in my ward were talking about them (making babylegs), too. Today, I finally got them out and made them! Since my baby is supposed to be a boy, I'm giving away the flowered one (even though I adore that pair!) to a friend who has a little girl. You can see I was experimenting with the length as the socks were all the same size to start with. We'll see how the different lengths work, and how long this baby will be. These were so stinking easy to make, I whipped out all 3 pairs in under half an hour, and I stalled myself a couple of times by over-analyzing whether or not I could/should use the serger for them.

And here's a random pic of Eliza-Jane with pigtails. She has just enough hair to make 2 cute pigtails, which she doesn't allow me to do often b/c her hair is so dang fine it pulls and hurts her if I am not ultra careful. Funny story: the girls have been spending time on Thursday afternoons at Sister Martin's home while Angel goes to a theatre class (I was surmising I'd go and help sometimes, but that's another story). They adore Sis. Martin, and she loves having them. A couple of visits ago, she put both girls hair into ponytails, and she must have told EJ that hers were "pigtails", b/c the girls argued for days over whether or not Jane's hair was in pigtails or ponytails! Jane insisted that they were only to be called pigtails, while the ever logical Isa tried to explain that they were ponytails, too, but to no avail. I love her hair up. She tends to look not quite girl/not sure if she's a boy most days b/c of her mish-mash of hand me down clothes. With "pretty pretties" (barrettes) and pigtails she is definitely a girl.

On another unrelated note (my blog, my stream of consciousness...), I have pretty much finished our Halloween costumes for probably the first time EVER (usually someone goes without a "real" costume, always Robert or I or both)! I just need to get a few accessories (I love details in costumes), and buy Horatio's sweater for his costume and we are a fully-costumed family a full 2 weeks before our party and 3 weeks before Halloween!!! I feel like when I do my taxes in January and get my tax return in February, then I get to watch everyone else moan and groan about it whilst I spend my money (mhwuu hahaha). Seriously, it's just nice to have it done. Now I can focus on baby readiness: sorting, cleaning, etc that doesn't get done during the day with so much schooling.
Last thing, I promise. We are going to try cloth diapering again with this baby. I say try b/c we didn't do a great job last time. We had enough and planned well, but it was just too much laundry (they say you don't really add to your laundry load, but, people (!), I already do 3 loads a day just to keep up in this house, and cloth diapers have to be put through minimum 2 washes). Well, we have the same washer (takes a full stinkin' 45 minutes to wash a load), but we are going to try the non-pocket diapers, so we have less to wash (just the liners), and we'll use disposables when convenient. I really want to lessen what we put into landfills, but we'll have to see if this is feasible for us. I hope so. I like the idea. Here are the 2 types of diapers I ordered (which are technically diaper covers, sort of. The jargon on these new-fangled cloth diapers is fascinatingly confusing at first.). They're called Flip and Econobum diapers.

And now I have a snuggly Jane on my lap, so I'll see you later, bloggy ones. I'm off to do more important living.