Monday, February 15, 2010

just some pics traveling back through time

This one is Tricia (with Zack in the background), when we tried making beignets with this really old mix she had. They were OK, but the fun was doing it and making what we used to call beignets but are really called rosettes. Those were tasty, and it was fun to play with the irons with cool shapes in hot oil!
Here are the girls with their new bags I made them. Isa's is her lunch bag for school, and I just thought Jane had to have one since Isa got one. Isa's had to be purple (I used the leftover fabric from her Jasmine Costume, and EJ's had to be pink and yellow.

Here's a closeup of Jane's bag, with her name sewn on using the free quilting foot on my sewing machine. Cool, huh?

Here's Robear staying up late with me to work and wait for me to finish the bags. I had to make 2, so 1 can be in the wash if need be.

Close-up of one of Isa's.

Jane stayed up too late that night, and was being cute for the camera before we got her to bed.

Close-up of the free quilting of the flowers on the fabric; I made a paper pattern of the flowers then just ripped it off after sewing over it.

The bag before the sides were sewn together.


Sleeping Jane with Daddy reading to her in the kitchen.

Isa lining up all her tea sets after Christmas.

Horatio and Daddy playing with the cool marble set that we inherited from some friends (whose mom was tired of all the pieces. SCORE!)

Angel and Oliver doing the only thing that motivates them lately: playing DS/DSi.

Cute Jane the Sunday after Christmas, I believe, since she got the doll for Xmas. The Jacket was from her kindred Sister Martin (You'll see her later in this post).

Tricia trying to get a shot of everyone at the Bloise/Bourgeois traditional movie on Xmas day.

Here's all of us after the movie at the Tomball theatre. Let's see from back left: EJ, Robert, Ryhon, Zach, April, Oliver, Angel, Rhaine, Tricia, Isa, and Horatio. Pretty good for using the camera timer, eh?

Jane trying to wear everything on Xmas day, headband and gloves courtesy of Gma and Gpa Lewis from Brazil.

Angel and Oliver both got one of those cool sand frames from Gma and Gpa L.

The girls with their latest dresses (Yep, got 'em at Costco).

Robert, pretending to play the sax-like instrument his parents sent from Brazil (He said something about having to soak the reed before it can really be played). Oh, and Oliver at the bottom, showing off new play-doh.

Jane looking at a present from Sister Martin.

Jane, Isa, and Sister Martin. She's looking at a circle book I made for her.

Sister Martin and Jane snuggling for the camera!

Jane: "Oh, for me?"

Sister Martin and Isa, I believe the other Sifty is a Zentz. We were in the middle of our Xmas Eve celebration with close friends when Sister Martin stopped by with gifts.

The kids getting ready for the White Elephant exchange at our Xmas Eve dinner/party with friends.

Jane sacked out in the cart at Wal-mart. It still happens. Legs are Horatio's.

Here they both are. I'm pretty sure I moved Jane to the other place, b/c she was threatening to fall out like that.

Horatio's bday party (#4!). He wanted a Ben 10 cake, so I made a huge chocolate chip cookie and decorated it like the omnitrix (look it up). Pretty sure that's Angel, Oliver, Horatio, and me.

Cake cookie (Yeah, it's not great, but it was last minute)!

Isa sitting on Santa's lap at the ward Xmas party.

Horatio sleeping at the ward Xmas party.

Robert and Jane (and Isa) at the ward Xmas party.

Isa sleeping in one of the Kitty beds (?).

Cute EJ.

Naptime. Actually I think we had watched a movie as a family and this is what you get by the end. Horatio, Robert, and Jane.

OK, this is from my game of Animal crossing on the wii. I wanted to see what would happen if I kept just pushing this guy, well he got pretty mad. And, for some reason, the kids and I found this hilarious! Go figure.

Decorating the Xmas tree, and Angel getting ready to top it with our Angel. For arguments sake, Angel got to do it this year, 2009! Left to right: Angel, Horatio, Isa, and Oliver.

Topping the tree with Daddy's assistance.

(Whew! I'll do some more tomorrow, hopefully. Bug me if'n I don't, k?)

WHEW! I'll add some captions later tonight hopefully...