Friday, July 25, 2008

My Husband is on a Date With an Angel

Robert took the day off today, and is planning on taking Fridays off permanently, which is great, but it means 10 hour days M-F. Everything has an opportunity cost, right? So we spent the better part of the morning looking forward to one of my sisters visiting us, but she called and said tomorrow would work better, so we quickly packed up and headed out to the store to get some last minute things for our Valiant Primary Pizza Party.

I decided that I had been negligent of the birthdays in my class (there have been 4 since I started teaching around April), so I told everyone we would have a pizza party complete with wii playing. We decided on today starting at 4, which theoretically, would give us time to make, bake, and eat pizza with plenty of time to play the wii. I made some homemade pizza dough (Robert & I's special recipe), and set up lots of toppings for everyone to choose from. I also made some brownies w/ ganache topping to celebrate the birthdays we used as the excuse for this party. All the kids did a great job rolling out their individual pizzas and topping them with whatever they wanted. We had pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, onions, ham, and pineapple, as well as the requisite cheese (a mix of mozzarella, colby/jack, and cheddar). Some of us also added garlic butter (courtesy of Papa John's) and garlic seasoning to the crust. That was a good touch, IMO! The boys mostly played the wii, while the girls opted to help me in the kitchen (21st century anyone?) then play games on the table once we'd cleaned flour off of every available surface. We even had one Mom join us for the last hour or so (she got a brownie!). After a while we sang an extremely loud and off-key "Happy Birthday", and enjoyed our delicious brownies. Everyone disappeared in ones and twos by about 8:30. I had a lot of fun. And I think/hope all the kids enjoyed it, too. Next time I will have both batches of dough ready at the beginning (I got distracted, so some of the kids had to wait for the second batch to rise, which I'm sure they were unhappy about), and maybe make the brownies the night before. I got a little overworked, but the kids helped a lot and I even was able to clean up 80% of the mess before everyone left. Now I just have dishes to do, which I bet I can get my sweet husband to do... who wants to start a pool as to when he'll get them done?

Now I am home with Oli, Isa, H, and EJ. Eliza-Jane went to bed right before Robert & Angel left around 9:30. We have promised the kids a date with Daddy when they memorize the Articles of Faith, and a date every birthday they can still say them all. Most of you readers know that Angel's birthday was actually at the end of March, so it took us a while to get this date setup, but better late than never is a good motto when you are never on time! Last year for their date the first time Angel memorized all 13 Articles of Faith, Robert took him "Cosmic Bowling" at the BYU bowling center. They had a lot of fun and stayed up really late, so Angel asked his dad to take him bowling again this year. The alley close by wanted 17$ per person for their special Friday night bowling (something akin to "Cosmic Bowling", I'm sure), so we searched around for a better deal, and they ended up just going before the special bowling session started and paying the regular rates.

I just put Horatio down, after he fell asleep on the living room floor, and Oliver is playing Super Mario Galaxy, while Isa is doing random crafting. Speaking of, Isa did her first sewing on Thursday (when I hosted the 2nd weekly "UNFinished Craft day" at my house)! I have a picture of her sewing a button on some scrap fabric (extremely badly, I might add, but it was so cool to see her concentrating on that needle and button). I will post that pic tomorrow as right now I want to kick Oliver off the wii, so I can have a turn and I am too lazy to get the camera and upload the pics right now. I hope you all have a wonderful night, and none of you are missing your husbands selfishly like me while they are on a Father-Son date.

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Walters Dad said...

I love having an unfinished craft day. That sounds awesome. I must do that.

Love, tiffany