Monday, July 28, 2008

Where's my Samantha When I Need Her?

So, I really want a Dr. Pepper right now, but I've already been out with the kids for hours and don't want to load up and go out again just to have to unload everyone again to get myself a caffeinated soda. I know in Provo I could call Samantha and she would understand and bring me a 20 oz. soda with a Diet Coke for herself then she would hang out until her or my kids would get unbearable.

I did have half of one earlier, but H knocked it over (I hate defizzed soda) and drank the rest anyway.

So now I am just praying (I'll have to take action on it when I finish this post by getting off the computer) that I can stop being so selfish and call/help someone who needs me...

...and, yes, I know, I'm the one who moved, not Samantha.


Ryan and Tawnee said...

Wish I was still there I would totally load my squirlies to bring you a Dr. P- esp if you are in need of a Diet Coke friend...I knew you were my kind of people!!

Good luck with your DP daze!!

Lewis Family said...