Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today is Get Some Stuff Done Day!

Here is my list of things to do today (in no particular order):

-Cut Angel & Horatio's hair
-Fix front gutter which fell down in the last storm
-wind sisal rope around posts for cat scratching post we are making
-go to Barnes and Noble &/or Jamba Juice as a treat
-hang the art gallery tracks (for my myriad photos of the kids) in my office
-prep eye round for steaks/fajitas and freeze
-cut out the fabric for the curtains to go on either side of the front door
-trim the "dinosaur" bushes in the front and back yard
-put receipts in the check register
-pay some bills I've been putting off simply b/c I'm lazy
-clean out the car
-go to Wal-mart for a few groceries, including a sink plunger for our bathroom sink which hasn't drained well since we moved in
-find a place that will sharpen my knives around here (the yellow pages nor the internet have been any help so far!)
-make some Visiting Teaching calls
-get another estimate on the removal of two dead trees in our backyard

Think I can do it all?

I'll update you later; til then, here's two pics of H and Angel looking like 70s TV stars b/c their hair is way too long (especially since Angel refuses to comb his; my mother will claim that I was the same way, but in my defense the way I remember it was my hair was just unruly naturally and no matter how much I combed it it still would not lay flat!)...

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