Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My First Tag (which wasn't really personally directed at me, but I care not, and I need something to write about today)

20 years ago: I was 11 (come on people, 20+11 equals...?), and my family was about to move from Louisiana to South Carolina. I hated this simply b/c I was about to enter 6th grade and I knew that in SC 6th grade is still in Elementary school! I so wanted to be in Jr. High.

10 years ago: Robert & I were adjusting to new parenthood (Angel was a few months old), living in Wymount Terrace (at BYU) and both going to school full-time, while living on practically nothing. Good times.

5 years ago: We had been wondering if I was ever going to get pregnant again, b/c we made the mistake of trying the depo provera shot for birth control, and Isa and Oliver ended up almost 4 years apart. We probably had just found out it was a girl and I was hopeful, excited, and skeptical (it's much harder to say with any conviction that it's a girl on an ultrasound than that it's a boy).

3 years ago: I broke my arm for the 2nd time in my life, while rollerblading (sadly, the first time I was also skating!), had a cast for 6 weeks and went through months of physical therapy afterwards b/c my elbow had been dislocated and my range of motion was practically nil (all better now, btw, ask me to wave at you with my right arm sometime!). Also my sister, Patricia, and her kids came to visit us that year for Thanksgiving and stayed with us.

1 year ago: I was pushing Robert very hard to finish his independent study class, so he could finally graduate (WOW, I can't believe that was almost a year ago). We were also brand new parents to our first hypnobaby, and I was loving most parts of my recovery and how wonderful a baby she was (is still).

This year: We moved across the country (finally!) from Provo, Utah to Houston, Texas, we bought our first house, Robert got his first job as an official "Computer Engineer" (with a salary a lot closer to what he should be getting than he ever was), and we decided to homeschool our children this coming school year. We also adopted our first pets as a family, three kittens.

Yesterday: Robert took the day off, and we went to a well woman doctor visit for me, and I must say Hypnobabies rocks! I used the fingerdrop technique to turn off, then went into center and spread my anesthesia where I needed it, and my "exam" was not uncomfortable at all! You women know exactly what I am talking about when I say these particular visits are extremely uncomfortable (and that's like saying the ocean is extremely wet). We also went to the temple and did some sealings of Husbands and Wives and some children to their parents. We were there to see a friend get her own endowments, and were too late to make it to the session, so we did sealings while we waited. What was cool was that usually you see Husbands and Wives do the sealings, but in this particular session we were one of 2 couples, and the one was being a witness while we had just had a turn, so the Sealer invited a Brother and Sister (I mean the title Brother and Sister, not that they were siblings)(both were married I think) and another lady to be a daughter. It was the 1st time Robert and I had seen it done without it being a married couple, and I had 2 thoughts. 1) I don't want my husband to ever do sealings without me (selfish me) and 2) It struck me how that group of three, being proxy for this sweet family's sealing was a great symbol of the family of man all being sealed together forever. It didn't matter that they weren't a blood family on earth, but they are a family somewhere along the lines with all of us. I don't describe it well, but it was nice and I hope you will take a moment to ponder that idea and maybe you will get my meaning.

Today: I yelled at Angel for reading over my shoulder while I am on the computer and will be apologizing to him as soon as I finish here. I got up early and have done my exercises for 3 days in a row! I need to take stuff to the library and drop off recycling (man I miss having a recycle can!). I will probably play some Super Mario Galaxy, and make some Visiting Teaching calls, and -if I'm really lucky/blessed(?)- my Visiting Teachers will come visit me! I also have budgeting, bills to pay, and receipts to put in the check register.

Tomorrow: I will be getting ready for a pizza party for my primary class and hosting the 2nd UNFinished Crafts day at my house.

I'm tagging Ellen Mangrum & Debbie Tingey (did I spell them right?), 'cause I think they'll do it, and I want to know more about them.
I'm also Tagging Roman's Mom and Tisha Hunt, b/c they haven't posted in a long time and I want to hear what they are up to!

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