Monday, July 21, 2008

More Than Nothing is Still Something

Well, I did cut 3 boys' hair (Angel, Horatio, & Robert), wrapped 1 wooden post w/ sisal rope, left lots of Visiting Teaching messages, had Lesley over and gave her the project I finished (finally!), and trimmed one of my spiky dinosaur bushes out front.

And now that my period is over, I upped my fish oil to 3 tablets a day, and I'm using my golite again things are looking up. I tend to feel best when I get things done. How about you guys? What helps you feel better after a funk? Or -better yet- to get out of a funk?

I'll post shots of the younger boys later (I only trimmed the back of Robert's hair, so he still looks the same (really cute, of course!). 'Til then.


Bowcutts said...

I love your blog! You spell things out well.
I love to craft, go shopping or run to get out of a slump. My husband is very supportive of my need to leave the house every now and then. Lately, with the long summer days, it's happened more often. :)

Lewis Family said...

Good call on all 3 counts. Exercise in the morning helps my days go much better and crafting is always fun, especially when I get things finished as well as started! I do have to admit, my weight makes shopping for myself less than fun, but I love shopping for gifts and the kids (especially my Princesses).