Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Love My Computer Geek

My sweet and talented husband created for me some computer code to change my music player on Sundays. Now you can feel free to visit my blog on Sundays if you wish, and not worry about dealing with pausing or turning off the music player b/c it automatically changes to a special Sunday appropriate playlist. How cool is that?! Enjoy.

Tomorrow I will update you on what we got done on Saturday and how much I'm going to get done this week, especially since Robert is taking 2 days off!

BTW, in conjunction with our dinner theatre we have decided Robert will start his own personal IT consulting (in the future), so we are thinking of names... send us some. We brainstormed using Lewis as an acronym or doing something using Stevenson (Get it? "Hi, I'm Robert Lewis (from) Stevenson IT Consulting.")(Robert Louis Stevenson...), any other ideas? Please comment or email us, it may only be years until Robert starts his business, so we'd better get crackin'! (These are the jokes, folks!)

Good Sabbath to you all!


Texas Tingey said...

That is soooo cool! So, how much does he charge to share this info?? Love the idea!

Lewis Family said...

You just have to wade through the code. Come over one day when Robert is off, and he can show you an easy way to fix it on your blog.