Saturday, June 28, 2008

Have You Ever Met a Depressed Fish?

Elisabeth-Jane took a bunch of steps on her own today! She took a couple the other day and I assumed it was a fluke, but it seems that once this girl starts something she goes at it like gangbusters (and does that phrase date me or what?)(kind of like her getting teeth, of which she is working on her 8th currently...). Today she took four steps in my office to get to her older brother who had a bag of skittles in his hands, yummy! Then she just kept going the rest of the day. She prefers the faster method of crawling, but I'm pretty sure she will be walking a lot more really soon.

On a domestic note, I clipped 15 kitty nails/claws tonight (5 on each kitten), and they feel much better for it. My legs and hands thank the many websites I perused to make sure I knew what I was doing before attempting this scary feat. The kitties did very well, too; they were all very patient with me, and I lavished them each with love afterwards. I am proud to note also that -despite a lot of squirming on their parts- I did not make any kitties bleed! We are also trying a new kitty litter (mixed w/ the old 'til they get used to it) called Swheat Scoop. It sounds wonderful: flushable, biodegradable, and it doesn't have a weird, chemical air freshener smell. We'll see how that goes.

The third thing that happened today was I bought some fish oil tablets in order to hopefully treat my body better and combat the bouts of depression &/or mood swings you faithful readers may have noticed already. I had intended to try St. John's Wort, but felt better about trying the fish oil first. I will let you know how it works for me.

And typing with one hand is very tiring, so I will pretend I have written down all I want to and try to get to bed.

Love & hugs to you all, and I wish you a peaceful and happy Sabbath.

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JAntezana said...

Actually, I believe I have met a few sad fishes. A friend of ours gave us some really big, cool fishes that she had been raising for years. Within a week they were all flopping over sideways and slowly swimming around that way. Luckily, my friend was able to revive them, once they were safely back in her own aquarium.

Speaking of depression, my visiting teacher taught me a great way to deal with it. She called me up every morning at six o'clock to make sure I was awake, and then came over to my house. This time worked for us both because our husbands and kids were home sound asleep, so they didn't mind us being gone. We would say a prayer and then head out for a 45 minute walk. We started out by taking turns reading a page from the Book of Mormon as we walked. We tended to think we had extra protection since we were carrying the scriptures with us. After reading a chapter, we would just walk and talk. We both felt so good when we got home, not only because of the endorphins, but also because we had accomplished everything we really needed to do for ourselves, and were ready to dedicate the rest of the day to our families, work, school, etc.

I have since learned about the fish oil. We have used it off and on for about 10 years. Last summer I did a lot of research and settled on 5 dietary supplements:
1. A daily multivitamin (Centrum with Lycopene or comparable).
2. Vitamin E (400 I.U. water soluble).
3. A Calcum/Magnesium/Zinc supplement (333/133/5 mg).
4. Bluebonnet "Age-Less Skin Formula" which contains 500mg Vitamin C Ester, 100 mg DMAE, and 50 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid.
5. Labrada "EFA Lean Gold" which contains 300 mg Omega-3, 250 mg Omega-6, and 175 mg Omega-9 Fatty Acids, as well as 130 mg tonalin CLA, per capsule. This contains no fish oil, but is made with flax seed oil, sesame seed oil, safflower oil, borage oil, and sunflower oil, so there are no fishy burps!