Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There is No Such Thing as Coincidence

Yesterday my husband came home with a challenge for me. A family he home teaches (is supposed to visit at least once a month and love & support as part of his Priesthood calling and as sort of a stand-in for Heavenly Father and/or Jesus) and hasn't visited enough yet just had a baby. I asked for service and I got it fairly quickly. I'm also in the process of sending pics and comments for dadcando's site (see the sidebar of links or click here), and I'll post a link to that when I see it up.

...and now back to our show... So, I baked some brownies (really good homemade brownies, that morphed from Alton Brown's Cocoa Brownie Recipe) and serged 3 cute burp cloths from flannel. I just take a simple pattern I have out of paper and do one piece of solid colored flannel and one with a cute pattern and serge around the 2, usually with white thread, but sometimes with other colors depending on the fabric. The brownies are fairly quick (the longest part is scooping them into muffin cups, b/c they are easier to portion and give away that way and they cook faster), and the burp cloths are super fast. So I got to be superwoman, who can do service faster than a speeding train (OK, in under an hour), with really not much effort on my part. Honestly I know I am very blessed with these particular talents, and to some people it would not be fast or easy, so I am very grateful to my Father in Heaven for helping me.

OK, the meat of this story is when we went over there, Robert insisted I go with him to the door to deliver the gifts, and we found out they have a litter of kittens they need to find homes for. They were so adorable and we had just started (literally 2 days ago) seriously talking about getting some kittens with the kids. I had promised the kids years ago that within a year of us getting our house we would get pets (a cat, dog, or whatever), and as my mother never let us have anything bigger than a hamster (mine got killed by the other 2, b/c we forgot to feed them; give me a break I was only about 7!) I have always wanted pets myself. Robert is not totally thrilled, b/c he has had large animals his whole life (cats, dogs, goats, rabbits, pigs, etc: they did 4-H fair), but he is amenable to the idea. Now we just have to contact them before they give away our favorite one, the smallest one that is orange and white and very mewey. If it is meant to be, it will be. I believe we need some animals in our family (not just the sifties)(sifties, btw, is what we call our kids), and we just got our rebate check from the purchase of our home from lendingtree, so we can afford to get the shots and checkups.

Wish us luck and pray for the safety of these kittens; we're not really worried, but I've read a few horrible stories involving dryers and people sitting on them.

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