Friday, June 27, 2008


Tonight we are going to the drive-in theatre to see a double feature of wall-e and Kung-Fu Panda. We are really excited. Two new releases we all want to see for 5$ for adults and 4$ for the kids 3 & up. What a deal! We are going to be there when the gates open, eat our foil wrapped hot dogs and way too many treats, play cards or whatever, then enjoy the movies until we are all so exhausted we can hardly make it home (and H & EJ should both be out cold by halfway through the 2nd movie). I like Fridays.

What are you doing tonight?

p.s. Anyone have recommendations on kitty litter brands/types for new kittens? And what the heck do I do with the stuff I scoop out (it's stinking up our trash can, even with a lid, and the environmentalist in me hates the idea of bagging it up each time we scoop)? Do I have another choice?

p.p.s. Great story about being a four year old: Earlier today I told Oliver it was his turn to scoop out the kitty litter, and Isa practically died. I had to call Robert, so I had another person hear this. She actually said to me, "I want to scoop the kitty poop!" A timeless quote to bring up when she changes her mind later...

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