Monday, April 13, 2009

Defined: Sifties

I suppose since I use the word so much (and since Aby asked) I should define it for you .

Buuuuut, there's really not a definition except it means little kids, to Robert and I it means CUTE little kids (specifically ours), but that's pretty much it. Maybe Rebecca will come over to my blog and comment for me, since it's her word! I'll FB her.

In college, the semester before Robert and I got engaged, I tried out for a traveling children's production of Rumpelstiltskin. I did not make the cast. However a friend of mine that did, pointed out my technical experience (and willingness) to the directors (a couple of the coolest grad students you'll ever meet) and they asked me to be their "Stage Manager." This really meant keeping track of stuff and running the sound, but it was 1 of the most fun experiences I have ever had. We mostly traveled during the day to localish elementary schools, carrying our minimal set (read: huge storybook), costumes, etc with us. It was always fun, and the cast were all very talented & crazy so we had a blast! We even traveled to Wyoming (I think it was) very shortly after Robert and I got engaged for a couple of nights stay, during which the school/department paid for us to stay at a hotel and gave us money for meals (20 bucks a day each! Which was a ton to me at the time.). I can't even tell you about our secret initiation rites b/c then I'd have to kill you. But know that it was some good times. Point is, sifty is a word Rebecca used to use when we would pull up to the school or see lots of kids as we drove by or came into the schools. She would do this funny thing where she pinched her own cheeks sort of (kind of like the asl sign for cat) and say, "sifty!" It was so funny (Rebecca was a hoot!), and for some reason Robert and I actually remembered it long enough to start calling our kids that, 2 years later when we had out first. To be fair and to note that I haven't forgotten anyone, Rebecca was the co-director, but I can't remember her friend/co-director's name, who I do remember and can picture in my head, it might have been Deeanne or something close to it. Dana!? Maybe some of the FB crowd will remember and comment for me! Justin? Ken? Also of note, I'd like to thank Justin for giving me my first ever filet mignon on the trip to Wyoming. Yum! And if anyone remembers the rest of the cast's names and they are on FB I wouldn't mind catching up with them. That's where my brain is right now. Thanks also to Rebecca's mom for hosting the cast at least once (which was probably once too many!). To this day, when I think of a clean bathroom I think of Rebecca's mom's house, her whole house just looked so put together and nice.

Random other things I remember about the cast: Ken used to drive the van, and we were stopped at a red light at Bulldog and University Avenue once, and there was this couple making out in front of us in their front seat, so Ken honked at them and the guy almost got into an accident b/c he actually punched on the accelerator before he unlocked lips with his chick. But the light was red still. It was really funny at the time. OK it's still funny.

Rebecca used to drive sometimes, too, and she was not very "happy" with other drivers. To this day, when I am annoyed by other people I hear in my head Rebecca in that weird, excorcism voice, "IDIOT!"

Time to go write on some walls.

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Aby Runyan said...

Thinking of college while reading your post and remembering lots of stuff from freshman year. Robert serenading you at the dorm is one that sticks out in my memory!
luvs, aby