Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life Since High School (Wasn't High School Life?), chapter 1

Let us begin during the sunny summer of 1995... High School graduation was long past and I was living with some friends planning my trip to Utah in the fall to attend BYU. I truly had basically no money, but had many Angels taking care of me as well as a new job at Cloth World, so I was doing ok. Early in the summer the family I was living with (the Molen Family) told me they were driving to Utah for the Deaf Symposium at BYU, so I could hitch a ride with them. Subsequently I lived with 2 different families after arriving, as school didn't start for a while and the dorms weren't available. I stayed with Lee, a friend of the Molens, for a couple of weeks, then moved in with Brad and Amy (if I'm remembering the order right). I did have a home when school started, but had to wait until the dorms were available to move in. While I waited, I puttered a lot, until I discovered a Cloth World down the street from where I was (with Brad and Amy; thanks, guys!) and walked over to apply. Meanwhile Christine got to visit, that was fun, and I worked on my tie skirt (that's just for my info and I'll explain if you really want later). Getting the job at Cloth World was really funny and wonderful, b/c I walked in and asked if they had any jobs available and the manager, Jen, asked about my experience and I told her I'd worked at a Cloth World in Houston. She said, "So, you're already trained?" "Yes." "You're hired, come back later and fill out the paperwork." Jen was awesome, I totally loved her. She had a daughter she named Serendipity, and called Seren. How cool of a name is that? I wish I could remember her last name. I worked there for years (Angel took his 1st steps in Cloth World), through several managers, and a buyout by Jo-Ann's, until I got a job on campus in the costume shop (but that's later in the story).
I was fairly set after that as I had the VA benefits my dad set up paying me a monthly stipend after school started. I absolutely loved the dorms. Some people hate them, not me! I wish we could live in dorms always, seriously. My neighborhood in Heaven (provided I make it) will be set up like the dorms! I had a great roommate, Armine, who only spoke Spanish, but we got along really well anyway. In retrospect, that would have been a great year for me to learn Spanish(!), but I was busy with other things. I adored all the girls on my floor and we had so much fun. They even elected me floor president the 1st semester. And Jeanie was the coolest RA in the universe!
Late in October I met Robert. If I remember correctly, we met in the Cafeteria (the dorms we lived in had a cafeteria, no kitchens). I was being my High School exuberant self and invited him to sit with us. I was also being totally myself b/c I figured he was no threat romantically and I didn't have to impress him, b/c (if any of you remember him without the beard) he looked like he was a freshman, so I knew I would not get involved with him, b/c he was P.M.: Pre-Mission. I was not getting involved with a guy, then send him off on his mission while I was lonely for 2 years. Turns out he was Post Mission. Tiffany sat with us and she'll tell you how we hit it off pretty quickly. And as any of you with relationship experience know, it's when you totally let your guard down and are yourself that you tend to impress the guy or girl, as the case may be. A couple of days later, he asked me for my phone number, and we were basically connected at the phone or hip from then on. I regret that I didn't get to become as close with a lot of the girls in my dorm after I met Robert, but I wouldn't do it any differently.

And now EJ is awake, needing a diaper change, and we get to run errands with a friend, so I'll start a new chapter tomorrow or when I get to it. Are you so excited!?

p.s. Robert, feel free to add to the story when you want to. Just highlight what you add or something.


Kristi said...

Oh, April! I am SO enjoying your blog! I know nothing about your faith, but it's evident to me that your family is awesome and beautiful! I've really loved reading about what you probably see as little day-to-day trivialities, but to someone who values love and family as much as I do, this is really a treat. I'm so glad I found you tonight! Love, K.

swedemom said...

How well I remember that day you and Robert met. And how beautifully it all turned--a real-life fairy tale.

I am so glad that I lived in the dorms that first year. The friends I made that year have stayed with me all these years. I am happy to count you as one of those friends.

We did have a lot of fun, didn't we.

And you have no idea how much I admired you for perserving and coming to BYU with all the challenges you face. I still do admire you.

Lewis Family said...

Ladies, Thank you. I cannot express what it means to me to have good friends. *hugs*

Meg said...

How fun to get to read more about you! You are such a great person.

Lewis Family said...

YOU are very sweet!