Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flashback in February

In November, Oliver celebrated his 9th birthday by having a small party with a few friends. He wanted a 5 (!) layer cake, so I did my best. It turned out looking like a chocolate fountain, so that's what I called it, and the kids bought it...

They did the usual: Snacks, cake, played some wii, opened some presents, and handed out some goodie bags when the kids left. Oliver had fun, and that's what mattered most.

A couple of weeks later, Horatio celebrated his 3rd birthday (although he insists when asked how old he is that he is "O"; I have no idea why). 3 years old is a little simpler to please than 9 years old, and he was happy with a cupcake enjoyed in the middle of Christmas cookie making. This was probably the first birthday where he actually blew out the candle. YAY!

For Posterity's sake (and arguments sake for next year), I must note here that Oliver put the Angel on the tree this year. We always use the big beautiful angel that the Wacasers gave us when Tiffany was decluttering before they went to Sweden. Our tree is kind of short, so the angel makes it a good height. We did try making it taller at first by putting it up on some boxes and taping it to them, but the kittens knocked it down a few too many times and we eventually gave up on that.

A good friend of mine (our Relief Society President) invited some of us moms (including all 9 of our kids!) over for a home-cooked lunch. She made some yummy, cheesy soup and rolls. Most of the kids poo-pood it, but the moms loved it, and we were able to chat while letting the kids play. The coolest thing (for the kids especially) was my girlfriend is one of those people that has a huge porcelain village for Christmas complete with a train running around the whole thing. It was really fun to watch the train go around and the lights on in all the little buildings; Life is all about the simple pleasures, right?

Last of all for this post, some good friends of ours offered to watch the kids one night (Thanks again Ellen and Jay!), so we could actually get our Christmas shopping done. When we got there to pick them up, we found the boys halfway through a game of Risk, and EJ and Horatio like this. Now let's see if I can sack out like that before it's tomorrow.

Maybe next post I can catch you up to February!


The Mangrum Family said...

You guys are awesome!

swedemom said...

So THAT'S what happened to the angel. Brent and I have been trying to figure out what we did with it. I'm so glad you that you have continued to enjoy it. You just solved a big mystery. Thanks! =)