Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Angel's Tibia

Yep, I typed tibia, not fibula. 2 fractures, 1 bone. No displacement though, and no dislocation of any joints. He was "lucky." This is what happens when you are messing around on the Sabbath and your mother doesn't stop you in time. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye-- um, breaks a leg.

I wrapped his leg in an ace bandage Sunday night, right after it happened. We laid him down, treated him for shock (Angel goes into shock very easily when he is injured), and I had the sad privilege of feeling his leg to see if it was displaced at all. He was in a LOT of pain. We fed him Ibuprofen, and got him tenderly to bed. His uncle felt really bad, b/c he was playing with the kids, but of course Angel himself made the statement that same night that it was NOT his fault.

Monday morning, Angel was in a lot of pain again, so I called the pediatrician's office as soon as I could, packed everyone up and headed there. Halfway there, I had to turn back (since I don't have pockets on Sundays, I put my wallet in my church backpack, not the sifty backpack) and pick up my wallet. We saw the doctor briefly, then he sent us to the Tomball hospital to get X-rays. I trust this doctor implicitly and he trusts me. He said we would have better luck getting an orthopedist there than 1 of the hospitals closer to us. My sister also had some crutches Angel could borrow if need be and they live in Tomball/Magnolia so I knew we would go by there afterwards most likely. I was glad we had the DS and DSi as well as a plethora of snacks for the sifties. I pushed Angel around in the umbrella stroller all day.

After X-rays (which I was careful to leave the room for, fat lot of good it did me...), we got an appointment with an orthopedist a few hours later in Tomball. The X-ray tech showed me the x-rays, wherein it showed that Angel has not 1 but 2 diagonal fractures on his large lower leg bone. After getting kicked out of the waiting area at the hospital by some lady who told me that security was on their way (I swear we weren't doing anything!), we headed to a nearby Wal-mart (Thank goodness for my GPS. I miss it now. See the next post, if I get to it today.) and picked up diapers and something else we felt was needed like Animal Crossing City Folk (Video games are a needed item when someone is sick or injured!). We made our way to the doc's and got more X-rays. Apparently you are supposed to bring them with you! Thanks for the info people. I stayed just outside the room again, listening to my son cry out in pain as they had him move his leg into the right positions for the x-rays.

We waited around for the doc to look at it. Then a nice tech/nurse came in and wrapped Angel up, black being the color of choice. We didn't get to get a waterproof cast, b/c of the fit or something. Then the biggest problem was dealing with Angel's pain, I'd forgotten to ask about his pain management, and the doctor really didn't give me much care info, except to say that he shouldn't put his weight on it. And of course, how do we sign a black cast? A day or so later we went and got some silver sharpies from Wal-mart, in case you wanna come sign it!

And here are random pics of us all when they were done wrapping him up. Here's how well those self-timers on cameras work in the 21st century! At least with a digital I can take a hundred pics and see if it turned out right away. Hmmm, I'm not fast enough in this one.

Oops, I blocked Isa in that one, and it looks like H is mad.

Here we go. This is what we look like after visiting 2 doctors and 1 hospital for about 6 1/2 hours. We are ready to go home, and for pizza which daddy picked up and met us at home with.

Then Tricia and the kids came by to share pizza with us, drop off crutches, and be disappointed that they couldn't sign the cast yet!

Btw, it only took Angel about a day to get used to his crutches. He's doing well on them and wants to be up and around. He has a follow up visit in 2 weeks (most likely the cast will be on for 4-6 weeks, though).

Wait 'til you hear what happened later in the week, but before the miscarriage...


Meg said...

Get well soon, Angel!

Melanie said...

Boys will be boys, Aiden broke his arm jumping off a bunk bed... Get better soon Angel!!