Saturday, December 13, 2008

This Post is Worth Thousands Upon Thousands of Words OR Pictures of the Past Monthish in Which I Have Been Sick and Neglectful of Blogging

On the flight to Utah; the airlines finally wised up and gave the kids cups with lids and straws!

(Below) Our 2 rows in the plane; I hated that Robert & I couldn't sit on the same row, b/c we had to have an adult on each row with the kids. Btw, the kids all loved the plane rides, except on 1 flight Isa's ears wouldn't pop and she was very upset. :(

It snowed a bit on the day of the wedding... Isn't Marissa Hot!?

Cute newlyweds... just out of the temple.

(Below) We also said "See you later" to Robert's parents on this trip as they were leaving for their 1 1/2 year mission to Brazil in November/December. Katie collected pictures from all of us and made a calendar for them.

All the Lewis kids: Robert (#2), Laura (#3), Rachel (#5), Katie (#1), and David (#4).

Cute girls. Blushing bride and the little Princess...

Post some more later, all that formatting has tired me out... (that and a bunch of 9 year olds...)

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