Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Picturesque Post also entitled Isa's 5th Birthday Party and 3rd Princess Tea Party

This pic is Isa on the phone with "Jasmine" the day of her birthday. It's a service from Disney called "Disney's Enchanted Calls" that sends a recorded greeting for a variety of reasons; it's pretty cheap, but the call is less than a minute and it's one sided(I got it free, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered). She seemed to like it. I'll put up a pic of Horatio getting his (from Mickey, no Lightening McQueen was available), he kept talking over the recording! It was hilarious.

Here she is in the dress Robert & I gave her for her BDay. She picked it out at -You guessed it!- Costco.

Here is my amazing husband at about 2 am, right after I finished the cake Friday night before the Princess Tea Party. He's making "breakfast" for me and the kids, which he does every night before he goes to bed or at a ridiculously early time of the morning before he goes to work. Isn't he wonderful for staying up with me. We watched "Speed Racer" as a distraction while I worked.

Here's Isa by the table all set up for Princesses and their Queen Mothers for a birthday Tea. We used all of our china and crystal glasses.

Isa by her special chair w/ a big bow and tulle draped over the chair.

We served Apples juice, Sprite (both in tea pots), Egg Salad sandwiches (cut into triangles, of course), carrots & celery w/ dip, grapes, cheddar & colby jack cheese cubes, and Club crackers. I got to use this cool buffet server I got at (say it with me) Costco.

Here is everyone seated at the table. Two families from our ward and one that lived with us in Provo (in our duplex) and lives in Houston now, too! Aren't they all so cute dressed up?!

Here's the front of the Barbie doll cake Isa requested. I used my Pampered Chef batter bowl (Yep, I sold Pampered Chef at one time; I would never pay full price for their stuff, even if I could afford it), and added another cake round on the bottom. I wrapped up her hair to start, and wrapped her body and legs in plastic wrap and just shoved her in there. The body I covered in a thin layer of icing, then homemade marshmallow fondant, then some more icing (for the pink part and the swirly flowers). I had some Chocolate covered marshmallows left over from a Chocolate Cooking Club, so I used those for the candles instead of sticking them in my hard-worked-for cake.

Here's the back. If you look really closely you can see where I ripped the fondant, but it looked really good anyways. I added the long white "train" b/c I was too lazy to press out the seam at the back.

And here's Isa's reaction.

I like to keep the cakes I make for the kids a secret until it's time to sing to them. So I stay up way too late the night before, then cover it with a box or something, have all the guests come in and sit down, then lead the birthday kid in with eyes closed. It's more fun that way. They pick what they want, they just don't get to see it until the singing part of the party. BTW, daddy is taking the pic here. My sweet Computer Engineer Husband has yet to figure out how to use a digital camera.

Blowing out the candles (My Love taking pics again).

Cute girls.
We spoiled Isa and gave her another dress (this one)(Do you really have to ask where we bought it?) at her Bday party. The dress EJ is wearing is from a sweet lady at church who swears Elisabeth-Jane was meant to be hers. EJ definitely has a special bond with her. I am positive they were very good friends in their Premortal life.

I'll do more pics from our trip to Utah next post. The Birthday Princess Tea Party was actually after the trip. I didn't even touch on our visit with Samantha and her family while we were there! You're all in suspense now, huh?


PapaBear said...

It's called an "action shot"!

Lewis Family said...

Oh, really? Pardon me... NOT!

Megan said...

Umm..your cake is unbelievable. I can't believe you can refer to yourself as lazy and show that cake at the same time. She's a beautiful little princess!

Texas Tingey said...

Looks like Isa had a great birthday! The cake is amazing April! Really cute!!!! You go girl!

Robyn said...

I love your cake!!!!

Ambrosia said...

Holy Cow!! Is Eliza Jane all grown up or what? I just can't believe it!