Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Hate Being Sick or Why You Should Get a Flu Shot Even When You Live in Houston, Texas

So... it started on Monday afternoon. Horatio threw up at Debbie's house, only a couple of hours after he'd peed on her carpet upstairs (2 for 2!). I figured it was 2 year old excitement.

Tuesday afternoon, Angel started complaining that his stomach hurt, really hurt. He was moaning and whiny and I could think of nothing to do except tell him to drink water and take a bath eventually. He took a bath and proceeded to throw up all over my bathroom floor. I assumed that was the end of it.

See how wrong one person can be!

I went out to a friend's house for a Girls' Night at the Movies from just before 8 to about 10:30. I got home to find Robert still up, and asked him why he had not gone to bed. Turned out Isa and Oliver took turns throwing up all over the upstairs. If I remember correctly Angel got up and threw up again, as well as Oliver after I got home. Then the Storm of the century rolled through last night, keeping most of our household awake despite the respite in vomit.

I woke up this morning with stomach pain and that wonderfully gross desire to throw up.

Robert took off of work today. We all sat around in varying degrees of pain and/or throw-upyness, watched Kung Fu Panda, as well as the bonus DVD that we bought with it, and all of the special features. Then we played an exorbitant amount of wii. And now I am up while Robert is starting to feel it, and I have not finished.

You know what is getting me through this? Besides Sprite and a heating pad (b/c my back is also hurting like the Dickens for some reason; early period maybe), I mean...

It dawned on me as I was laying on the bed after I think my 2nd bath and before my shower (at least I'm really clean today) that my body was designed by God. He made it pretty near perfect. When I take care of it, it treats me well and I am hardly ever sick (probably one of the reasons I hate being sick, b/c I'm not used to it). Then (no matter if it's my fault or the random kid at the playground, etc.) I get sick and my body fights. It gets rid of whatever it feels is not good in whatever disgusting ways it can. But it's doing its job! How cool is that? Just as I learned with Hypnobabies how a woman's body is so wonderfully designed to carry, grow, and birth a baby, I learn with each sickness that this body is also made to fight illness. Sometimes (just as with giving birth) when we fight back, it tenses up everything and makes it harder (i.e. more painful!), but when we relax (not saying this is easy at all here, but we can do it!) and let our body know we trust it (and Heavenly Father that He will take good care of us and whatever happens will be good for us in the long run), we will be OK pretty soon.

This "painful" feeling in my back and stomach is just pressure. I told Robert today as I was laying on the bed being pressurized, "You know, it takes pressure to make diamonds." I can do this. I can. It's just pressure.

I still hate being sick.


ginger said...

Oh the joys of many little puking mouths. I do not miss it. Brett is sleeping off his little sickys quite well thankfully. Call again if you need something. Ginger

swedemom said...

I hate pressure. I admire your tenacity. But I'm totally curious about this hypnobirthing thing. If I thought I could do it, I just might have another baby.

James, Cameo, and Jacob said...

Wow - I can't even imagine a household of puking all at the same time!! Thanks for your little inspirational thought, though. It's nice to hear people focusing on the positive and giving credit to our great Creator!!

Meg said...

Ugh, sickness. I feel for you guys. Hope it's over soon. We just got through it with Ira and it looks as if we'll go through it again with Amy. Feel better soon!