Saturday, August 13, 2011

in no particular order: April (the month) pics.

Ah, classic. Sleeping sifties.

I didn't have my cart seat dug out of a closet somewhere yet, so I sat Alma on a blanket and sort of strapped him into the cart with my wrap. Jane enjoyed sitting with him.

Gotta get those kids reading shel silverstein early.

This one is just so darn cute, Alma sleeping with hand in mouth and Jane snuggled up next to him watching tv.

Gma and Gpa Lewis visited in March for Alma's blessing. As this was the end of the month, and the blessing was the first Sunday in May, you'll have to wait for that post for blessing pics. Sorry.

Two of my boys at the skating rink for Robert's bday, mid April (yes, my husband's birthday is in April; it's kismet).

Jane and Horatio loving on Alma while the older 3 sifties are in school.

A big brother is the best!

Alma taking his first official bath. This was the very beginning, before the stark nakedness (like how I spared you those pics?). Our water baby enjoyed it very much in the bath Charlotte and Jason passed on to us. (btw, LOOK at those legs, you'd say those are the thighs of a normal sized kid, right? Wait 'til you see him now!)

Mommy and Alma at the skating rink for Daddy's bday.

I'll do another post of May pics tomorrow, hopefully. I hate it when people do a bunch of posts on the same day, and I am too lazy to upload more pics and have to reorder them all right now!

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