Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here I Am Still

I got a call from Kelsey-Seybold yesterday, they actually left a message(!) something to the effect of rescheduling. I was in no mood to call back, but they called this morning which saved me the trouble. I'll give you 1 guess as to what they wanted.

I just told them to cancel the appointment.

I can't express how frustrated I am. The girlfriend who referred this doctor seems very much like me in temperament and how she is with people, so I was really thinking this doctor would be a good fit for me. One of the few things I miss about Utah is that I knew all my doctors, and they knew me. In fact, after we were no longer full time students and had to drop the BYU insurance, I never really replaced my old BYU doctor, I simply talked to the midwives about whatever I needed (since I was pretty much their patient for 6 years). I hate having to explain my entire strange medical history to new doctors. Especially as my medical history has some weirdness to it and my body is just strange. We could spend a full year until the doctor knows my name, much less all my medical quirks.

And so begins the search for a doctor that I feel comfortable with (female), takes my insurance, and isn't too far away. BTW, when I go through the search on our insurance website within 10 miles of me it comes up with thousands of doctors (I'm not exaggerating).

And so it's Wednesday.


And you're all thinking right now, "That's just normal, stop whining, April."

and I'm thinking, "This is my blog, so you don't get to tell me to stop whining. So there." (and then I stick my tongue out at you and pout for a while.)

I wish Robert was home. or is it correct to say I wish Robert were home? *double sigh*


PapaBear said...

I wish Robert were home, too. [clicks heels together three times] Nope, still not there. [Charlie Brown:] Rats! :(

Aby Runyan said...

I can't tell you how much I hate doctors and practices that think they rule the world and can do whatever they want. Unfortunately it seems like all of them lately. They've forgotten the idea that they are working for YOU, you are the customer and they need to act in a professional manner. But they've got so many customers they can afford to act like jerks and not lose money. It's ridiculous.
Can you tell I'm a little bitter about this topic?
luvs, aby

swedemom said...

I know how overwhelming and frustrating it is to find a doctor. I'm currently having some weird medical issues of my own and my specialist informed me that I needed a different specialist to look at this problem. I wanted to cry because it means more searching and calling and driving. And more explaining and more tests. And it still leaves me in the tough position of still not knowing what is going on.

Meg said...

I'm so sorry, April. How frustrating. I would cancel, too; they were very unprofessional in my opinion. And after spending two days waiting in a doctor's office (with children), I would be ready to yell and scream, too. Hope you can find a doctor you trust soon.

Beutler Family said...

That is one of the saddest appointment stories I have heard. I'm feeling for you. I would have been in tears and red-faced. You should write them a "nice" letter explaining why they won't be getting your business. Good luck finding a cool doc.