Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Should Be Charged With Neglect

In my defense a hurricane did come by for a visit. So, here is a tantalizing list of things I need to blog about soon.

-More of the story of our wedding and our life together
-The kittens getting fixed (who knew being able to have babies meant you were broken?), and the subsequent visits when Nightia did not do well...
-Fun happenings while we waited out IKE
-Huge tree almost falling on our house and paying an exorbitant amount of money to have it (mostly) removed
-EJ learning to talk and sign
-My parents (who live in Florida, we haven't seen in 8 years, and who have never even met their 3 youngest grandchildren) DROPPING IN with about 3 hours notice
-Women's Conference (President Uchtdorf is awesome!)
-Church with 5 children and no husband (he was out at Galveston on a Sunday "mucking out" houses), NEVER AGAIN (knock on wood!!!)
-General Conference with 5 children and a husband out with a work party for the 1st session.

Good night everyone.

... let's just say I have really muscular arms, OK?

1 comment:

swedemom said...

LOVE the picture! Now THAT is powerful!

And I'm dying to read the story about your parents dropping by when they haven't seen you for years. Sigh. . . I'm so sorry!

Can't wait to read more.